Thursday, December 17, 2009

Edit of First Semester Grad School Work Prints Plus One from This Semester

First View of Messages Being Sent or Received, Fall 2009

Foggy Badlands, Summer 2009

Banana Plant at Night, Fall 2009

Skyless Rainforest. Fall 2009

Many Waves, Fall 2009

Badlands, Winds, Night, Summer 2009

Cloud in Reflector, Fall 2009

(No Title of Yet) Winter 2010

The Farthest Butte I Could Reach's View, Summer 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Open Darkroom!

Open Darkroom, May 16 and 17 from 11a to 6p at 35 Wareham Street, Boston, top floor. Come young ones and old folks, you are all welcome here!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Works

These are new, unedited (semi edited) work prints. I have posted them chronologically. All are 8" x 10" contact prints.

Site of the Raccoon Assassination, Summer 2007Farmer's Crop, Summer 2007Flowers at Night, Summer 2007James' Hair, Summer 2007Broken Brush and Trees, Fall 2007
Self Portrait Fingering Tree, Fall 2007
Palm Tree at Night, Fall 2007Round House from My Bedroom Window, Winter 2007/8Justin's Back, Portsmouth, NH, Winter 2008Surface of a Planet, Winter 2008House from Sunken Trail, Winter 2008
Three Tree Torsos, Winter 2008
Justin's Back, Winter 2008
Where a House Used to Be, Winter 2008Fourth Night of Shiva, Spring 2008
Prehistoric Tree Trunks, Spring 2008Bomb Shelter Along Pipeline, Summer 2008
Attic Above Kitchen, Summer 2008
My Smoking Spot, Summer 2008
White Vines, Summer 2008
First Arch, Summer 2008The Round House, Summer 2008

From Baily Island, Summer 2008

Amongst Uncontrolled Plants (Ode to Three Legged Cat), Summer 2008Standing on a Rock, Fall 2008Rex the Rio, no more, over 205,000 miles, Fall 2008Six Fish, Fall 2008Coming Down, Fall 2008
New Beaver Home, Rainy Dusk, Fall 2008
Grandpa, Fall 2008

View from Mt. Monadnock's Summit, elevation 3,165', Fall 2008

Self Portrait with Ice, Fall 2008